In-Dash Navigation

An essential to have in your car today is an in dash navigation system, which allows you to quickly determine the location of your vehicle and find the quickest and easiest route to your destination. With many GPS satellites orbiting the world, the navigation system communicates with them through signals and tells you your exact location. Advanced navigation systems also know your driving speed and let you know if you are speeding so that you can slow down.

There are different types of navigation systems available. The widely used ones are the in-dash navigation systems and mobile phones. In-dash navigations are mostly available as built-in features of a car’s audio system, though a few are dedicated to navigation. Customers usually prefer ones that are multi-functional.

One of the best rated apps for navigation is Google Maps. The application is easy to install and use and is also very accurate. The application can be downloaded on your system or mobile phone, and it will give you the directions that you require.

There are multiple reasons why having an in-dash navigation system is better than using your phone or any other type of navigation system.

Top reasons to use in-dash navigation


The best part about an in-dash navigation is that it is easy to reach and operate. As it is right in front, you can directly control the navigator as you like.

Does not divert attention

As it is right in front of you, you do not need to look too far away from the road and can easily concentrate on the road while operating it. If you are looking for directions, the placement of the navigator is perfect as you can easily keep a check on it while concentrating on your driving.


Many navigators also come with different functions such as CD player, DVD player, and Bluetooth connectivity. A DVD player in the navigator will keep other passengers entertained while you are on a road trip, and a CD, MP3, or radio player will allow you to listen to music while driving. With Bluetooth, you can easily connect your phone to the navigation system, which allows you to perform many different tasks such as receiving or dialing calls, streaming music, and listening to global radio stations.

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If you have an updated model, it will fulfill all your navigation needs. If you turn on the sound, it can guide you with directions and tell you the speed that you are going at and by how much you will need to reduce the speed or go faster. The system will also tell you whether you took a wrong turn or not. In case you do not like its voice, you can put the system on mute.


Some navigators also give you different alerts. These may involve different traffic situations, disruptions in the middle of the road, and other different conditions which you can easily avoid by taking a different route.